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Solar Power Auckland – Empowering the Consumer

Alternative energy solutions for your home or business, why not? Clean, safe, renewable, solar power is definitely the future of energy.

Let the sun do the work and cut down on your electricity bills. Electricity generated from the sun is free. Solar panels harness sunshine and convert it into power that can be used by all of your appliances, bringing significant savings for you. Astech Electrical makes installing a solar power system on your home stress free. Solar power is an excellent solution for both new and existing homes.

Solar Panels – Put Them Where the Sun Does Shine

We’ll help power your home with sunlight. It’s never been easier to harness the sun’s radiant energy. Your rooftop can support a system that offsets power to your home and then stores the excess energy in batteries for use later.


Solar Power Systems – Solar Batteries

Use power when you need it: at night, when people are home and most appliances are running. Cook for free. Store solar power during the day and then cook your dinner with it. Solar battery storage systems enable you to have more control over your electrical system.

We install solar panels on your roof and connect them to proven battery storage systems (Tesla, LG Chem).

Keep what you’ve created. You can retain generated solar power rather than exporting it to the grid. Battery banks charge during the day. The storage system allows you to store electricity generated during the day to be used at night time. You can even have power on low production, cloudy days (dependent on home loads).

You’ll be powered up even when there’s a power cut. Most batteries can be used to complement solar energy management systems and provide a backup power supply.

With Solar Panels the Future Is Looking Bright

Go hybrid. You’ll have the power to choose. Many New Zealanders are opting for a grid-connected system, coupled with a battery storage system. Use as much of the stored energy as you can. If you need more power than you’ve produced, your house will seamlessly change over to draw power from the national grid.

Go off the grid (in certain areas). As long as you have enough batteries stacked up to meet your energy demands, you can break free! PV panels and battery systems empower the consumer. However, bear in mind there will always be a fixed amount of power available for use if you do go off the grid, so an alternative supply may be required.

Solar System Supply and Installation – Astech Electrical Do It All

Making sure your solar photovoltaic (PV) system is sized, sited, installed and maintained correctly is essential for optimum energy performance. Speak to the experts. That’s us. We’re master electricians and solar installers – your guarantee of quality electrical work every time. As the renewable energy market continues to change and grow, so do we.

Leading The Charge

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the latest developments and are the solar installers of choice for Vector Solar and Tesla Powerwall roll out. Vector NZ have forged a special relationship with Tesla Energy to bring the Powerwall battery to New Zealand. Together we’ll revolutionise the way Auckland customers consume energy.

To get the most out of generating your own free power, your system needs to fit your requirements. Every home or business has its own unique power use profile. The team from Astech Electrical is here to help with all your solar services. We can assist with information, guidance and advice to get the best solution for your new build, existing residence or business.

Maximising Your Solar Electric System

As with any electrical appliance, PV systems do require routine, periodic maintenance. Talk with your system installer from Astech Electrical about routine checks.

Alongside an effective renewable energy solution is the need to improve building efficiency. Talk to us about an evaluation of your building’s electrical consumption in terms of lighting, heating and electrical equipment. Make sure you you get the most from your renewable energy solution.

Solar Power Auckland

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